Wearable tech just isn’t there yet

When I first heard about Glass sometime in 2013, I immediately thought the concept seemed cool. But when I look back at this reaction, I can’t remember any reason for my excitement aside from the fact that Glass looked futuristic. I think this was exactly the problem Google ran into when they decided to develop it. They got so excited about something that looked different that they forgot to make it useful. All they had was a pair of glasses that had some of the features of a phone.

I had a similar reaction to the Apple Watch. I was excited until I realized there was nothing substantially different about its functionality. All it did was the same things as my phone, but on a smaller screen, with less versatility. Wearable technology, up until this point, has been equal if not inferior to its non-wearable counterparts. This is obviously a big problem, particularly for Google Glass.

Wearable technology has to be part of an individual’s style, and, since Google Glass stands out, it has to have significant benefits so people will want to wear it. It has to be a positive topic of discussion. I wouldn’t wear it now because it is the first thing someone would notice about me, and, if asked why I had it, the only reason I can think of is to take pictures without anyone knowing. Not exactly something that would help my social standing.

Wearable tech needs something that is appealing to customers, and can only work on a wearable device. Until then, consumers will stick to their phones.


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