Funny or Die is on the right track

Earlier this week, in what I think is a stroke of genius, Funny or Die launched a weather app. The app gives weather reports to the user as well as weather related jokes and witty remarks. One iTunes reviewer, who rated the app at five stars, compared the app to a calender with daily inspirational quotes swapped out for “…something funny that doesn’t really benefit you or inform you about the weather.” Funny or Die has made a normally unexciting type of information lighthearted and spontaneously funny; two things that appeal greatly to millennials. I’ve never had a discussion with anyone, let alone someone my age, about where i get my weather information from, and Funny or Die’s app has the potential to change that.

According to, Funny or Die plans on releasing more apps in the future, and I’m excited to see what they have in store. One question is can Funny or Die make a news application that is funny and informative without seeming distasteful. I’m not sure they can, but I hope they try.


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