This law should be outlawed

My classmate Lindsey recently wrote a post about an Illinois law that allows teachers to access student’s social media accounts if the student is suspected of online bullying or breaking school rules.  Lindsey doesn’t like the law, and I couldn’t agree more. I think it is a gross intrusion into children’s privacy (something a lot of kids don’t have a lot of), and goes against what rights the state seems to think adults should have.

In 2012, Illinois passed a law banning employers from asking their employees for their login information. Yes kids aren’t the same as adults, but what sort of lessons and values are we teaching here?

If someone chooses to give up their password to show that they have been bullied, that is an effective way to solve the problem. But demanding kids to give up their passwords at suspicion of misconduct is a slippery slope. To answer Lindsey’s question, no I don’t think the law will spread. At least, I certainly hope not.


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