Come on Brian

Brian Williams used to be my favorite person to bring me the news on TV. I liked his voice and his demeanor. And the occasional SNL digital short or 30 Rock cameo didn’t hurt my opinion of him. He wasn’t as important to me as Cronkite was to America in his heyday. He probably was not even close to as important, but I still trusted him. And he was who I would go to if I wanted to get caught up on the days news.

But lying about things like seeing bodies after Katrina or being in a helicopter hit by and RPG is pretty big deal. Even if he wasn’t a man who made a living based on people trusting him, it would be a big lie, but he is arguably the most popular news anchor in America. A fabrication of this magnitude changes how I look at him entirely.

Why did he lie? Why was it so important that his helicopter be the one that was hit? would it not be a story if he just saw one get hit? It seems so desperate to gain the spotlight. Brian Williams isn’t a trustworthy person anymore. Instead of a news anchor, he seems like a power hungry liar.


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