Wash your hands, and your phone

I was thinking the other day about how being on your phone in the bathroom has become something that is common to hear about. Some people even end posts with phrases like “from the toilet.” And, with so many illnesses going around this time of year, I wondered if there had been any research on how phones might carry germs.

Of course, when you think about it, it makes sense that your phone would be one of the grossest things you posses. It comes in contact with almost everything your hands do, but, unless I’m missing out on something, no one ever washes their phone.

A Fox affiliate did a small investigation into the subject, and they found that phones are potentially a big risk when it comes to germs. Using your phone in the bathroom could, at worst, even result in spreading E. coli. Not to mention all the surfaces your phone comes in contact with over the course of the day. Time to start working in washing my phone, as well as my hands, when flu season comes around.


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