Twitter isn’t THAT interactive

While I was feeding my internet addiction the other day, I stumbled upon a graphic that showed how quickly social media users expected a response after contacting a brand or company on social media.

The question asked by researchers was this “in general, how soon after you contact a brand, product or company on social media do you expect to receive a response?” Their findings? Apparently forty-two percent of social media users expect a company, brand or product to respond to their findings in less than sixty minutes. Thirty-two percent expected a response within thirty minutes.

This really surprises me. I don’t know what most people think about a company’s social media department, but I generally think it’s generally pretty small. I don’t expect them to have the resources to look at, let alone, respond to every single thing that is tweeted at them.

Twitter, for example, is often cited for its ability to connect people, and allow more access to celebrities for fans. But, I don’t think this holds true for companies; however, it seems that most users don’t share my opinion. I guess they will keep being frustrated by companies not responding, and I’ll keep never having my complaints heard.


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