I started listening to podcasts around the age of 14. I had stumbled upon ESPN’s section of podcasts on iTunes (yep, back when people used to browse iTunes) and was instantly intrigued. My first downloads were audio only versions of the ESPN shows Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. I would download them every day, and listened to them while I shot hoops in the evening.

I’ve gone through phases since then, downloading hours of free content for road trips with my family, or to listen to while I mowed the lawn. But over time I have narrowed what I would listen to. I started out with ESPN talk shows that covered major sports and stories. After listening to TV shows, I moved on to listening to shows that were podcast only. Like the B.S. Report with Bill Simmons. Now I’m at a point where I listen to shows that are podcast only, and have specific topics. Grantland has a podcast network, which provides sports and pop culture podcasts every day of the week. Each show has a specific focus: NFL football, NBA basketball, NBA basketball gossip. They even have a reality TV show. I pick and choose which ones interest me, and listen to them while I walk to class.

I value podcasts immensely. I can get specific news, information and entertainment downloaded automatically to my phone. Podcasts can be looked at as an audio version of a magazine with how niche their topics can be. But podcasts are largely free, and I can walk while I consume them.


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