Product placement is changing spots

Variety says that old-school product placement is on the way out, and I’m excited. Apparently advertisers are moving away from the traditional in-show product placement in favor of commercials that include aspects of the show.

One reason for the change is that traditional placement is often clumsy. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t watch the Walking Dead anymore, and among the reasons for my abandoning of the show is the remarkably clean Hyundai Tuscon that Rick drives. The car stuck out like a character I cared about on the show. It only offered another illogical thing in a show I was all ready having a hard time buying into. So it makes sense that advertisers make be moving away from this type of placement. When it’s done well, I doubt i notice. But when it isn’t, it is counterproductive.

Now show me a car being chased by zombies during a commercial break, and I’ll be more than happy to watch.


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