How long until I can “like” a snap?

I was going through stories on Snapchat the other day, and I found myself wanting to interact with my friend’s stories. I almost expected there to be a “like” button, or some way to comment on a specific part of the story. But there isn’t.

Snapchat seems to be adding new features at a consistent pace, and, honestly, it is surprising they don’t have a way for users to tell who has viewed their story and if they liked it. Sure I could send someone a snap saying that I liked a certain picture they posted, but that is way too much work. The screenshot feature was a step in this direction. But I’m more disturbed when someone screenshots a snap of mine than happy that they wanted to save it.

So many sites have features that let you “like” or vote on posts and pictures. I think adding a “like” feature to Snapchat stories would make them more interactive, and, therefore, make Snapchat even more popular. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


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