I like GroupMe

I was first invited to join GroupMe last summer by a teammate. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but I agreed to receive the group texts on my phone. And that’s all i thought it was for about a month, just a weird way to get a group text message going. Then, someone told me to download the application.

The GroupMe application is really great. It’s simple, keeps it easy to follow the discussion, but has a TON of features. You can “like” comments, you can send pictures, you can make memes out of pictures that other people sent, and you can search a bank of gifs to help get your point across. Now they have added a calender feature which allows you to schedule events with the group over the app, and on IOS, you can mention other users as if you were tagging them on Facebook. It’s everything i’d been wanting. All of the ways used online to communicate blocked into one place.

GroupMe is way older than i thought. It first showed up in 2010, and was purchased by Skype in 2011 for over fifty million dollars. And Skype, in turn, was then purchased by Microsoft. I still haven’t gotten all of my group Facebook conversations switched over, but I’m working on it.


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