It’s a start, I guess

Reddit recently changed its privacy policy to make it against the site’s rules to post unauthorized images of people who are nude or engaged in a sexual act. This is Reddit’s first attempt at censorship, and I think it’s about time.

The New York Times says that Reddit users have long posted explicit content on the site, including pornographic images of underage women. And, after the leaking of celebrity nudes last year, the site has finally started to consider some measures to keep things under control.

The only issue with the new policy is that it puts the burden on the victim. People must email Reddit in order to get pictures of them taken down. This means that images could stay on the site for years before they are removed; if they are removed at all. I doubt many people have the time to scroll through Reddit to insure an angered ex didn’t post a picture, and, if they do find one, the damage has already been done. Who knows how many people could have downloaded the image at that point.

This policy is a start, but it needs to be so much better. Couldn’t Reddit require a user to provide documentation of consent before posting a nude? It just seems that until the problem is tackled on the front end, it won’t be fixed.


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