I think I’m addicted to TV

One reason I was looking forward to my spring break was catching up on some television shows. I really like TV, so I was reasonably excited about watching the episodes I had missed. However, I quickly realized that my break was much more busy than I had anticipated.

My first few days were supposed to be when I would catch up, but I had a few friends who ended up staying in town longer than they had anticipated. We spent the weekend hanging out and having a good time. I never thought for a second that I would rather be watching TV than being with them. I spend the rest of break in Austin with another group of friends, and didn’t watch any TV. Once again, I never had the thought that I would rather be watching than being with my friends.

Now that i’m back in North Carolina and school has started back up, I’m feeling stressed.  I’m a little stressed about school, but I’m especially stressed about not having caught up on TV. Since when does something I do for fun and completely voluntarily cause me stress when I don’t do it? It’s not like I haven’t had time to unwind. I feel like TV is another thing hanging over my head like an upcoming paper. Yet, for some reason, not caring about not watching just isn’t an option. Nice job getting me hooked, networks.


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