Apparently the labor beat is dead

The Columbia Journalism Review recently published an article discussing the supposed end of the labor beat.

Earlier this year, the New York Times bought out Steven Greenhouse who was its labor reporter. At the time, a number of articles were written declaring the “death” of the labor beat and what this meant for the American worker.

As a millennial, I’m barely aware that there was such a thing. Granted, I have learned about a time when unions were massive and were relatively new. Anything that powerful and relatively new warrants coverage. But now, union membership is down, and they aren’t typically something people are concerned about.

Instead, I agree with Columbia that the labor beat is more about people now. It has changed, not died. Now people care about jobs becoming available in their community, and new ways people are making money.

So yes, the labor beat as it once was is dead. But to a lot of people, it never existed.


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