Is Facebook taking over everything?

A recently leaked screenshot has revealed that Facebook is developing, or considering developing, a phone application. Mashable speculates that the application would help users screen calls by providing information, and block calls from numbers that are commonly blocked numbers.

As it is described now, I’m just not sure what incentive I would have to get this. As a college student, I don’t really need call screening. I barely ever get a call from someone I don’t know, and when I do, I don’t mind hanging up on one telemarketer a month.

One possible use for the app would be to make calls using wifi. This could potentially be useful when talking to someone overseas, but not much else.

Facebook’s motivation for developing this app is obvious. If they can insert themselves into making phone calls, they are that much more integrated into their users lives. But they are going to have to come up with something more productive to get me to buy in. I see no reason to let Facebook handle my calls just so the caller’s Facebook profile pops up with the ring, and not their phone contact information. Facebook can take over most of my communication, but only if they earn it.


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