FCC censorship is archaic and pointless

We’ve all heard about the seven dirty words and the other limitations placed on network TV. Back in the day, when people actually used public airwaves to access these stations, it made sense to censor the content. Anyone could access it for free as long as they had a TV.

This meant that it would be hard to keep small children from watching inappropriate content if such content was aired, and i think that was a good reason. But now everyone gets network TV through their cable subscription. If you have a cable provider, your kid can see “inappropriate” content anytime they turn on the TV. So limiting networks makes no real sense.

Watching the Emmys, it seems like almost every show that wins is from a cable network. I’m not sure if it is because they have more freedom with what they can show, or because they often have different models than major networks. But regardless, they aren’t on the same playing field.

Regulating what major networks can show is an outdated concept. Networks should be able to show what they want, and, if they want to stay “clean,” they can censor themselves.


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