NPR’s podcast success

NPR doubled its podcast revenue last year and apparently is on track to do it again this year. Podcasting is hitting a sweet spot with more and more advertisers and listeners hopping on board. NPR is near the front of the wave, and specific tactics are helping them.

NPR has revamped their podcast library to make it extremely user friendly. Before, NPR’s site contained hundreds of podcasts organized in what seemed to be no particular order. I remember going to the site to look for listening material for a trip, and I just gave up because it was so frustrating. Now, the site is clean and neatly organized. It even gives you podcasts originating from your local station.

NPR has done a great job in making accessing this content easy for the listener, and they say it has grown their audience. They also launched a campaign sometime last year where hosts of NPR shows would promote listening to NPR podcasts.

This audience growth has led to a growth in advertising revenue. Podcast revenue is the fastest growing category for NPR, but still it isn’t near the top. But, as radio listeners fade, podcasts are only going to become more popular. Maybe one day we will see National Public Podcasts.


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