Why credibility is falling

A 2012 study from the Pew Research Center revealed that average positive believability for major news organizations was at fifty-six percent, and it has been dropping for at least ten years. Assuming the trend has continued, it more than likely is even lower now.

How trusted a news source is also is affected by the consumer’s political views. Local news television and Fox News predictably rated higher among republicans. Whereas MSNBC rated higher among democrats. the New York Times also rated higher among democrats than republicans, but its overall positive believability has dropped.

I can’t say I know for sure why credibility is declining, but I have an idea. Media has become so big that many people view media companies as establishments. Criticisms that include phrases like “mainstream media” or “corporate media” are commonplace. A lot of people no longer view media companies as companies that serve to hold those in power in check. Instead, they view media companies as the ones in power, with nothing to check them.

I think a major contributing factor to this is the politicization of news media. Networks like Fox and MSNBC deliberately picking sides takes away from the idea of impartial journalism. It is normal for media companies to have a political slant, so consumers assume that almost all of them do.


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