Hopefully what I’m learning isn’t completely irrelevant

Someone brought up in class the other day that they thought the skills being taught in UNC’s Journalism School will be outdated soon after students graduate. Their argument was that technology is changing so quickly that many of the skills used today won’t be tomorrow.

Being in the school, it’s easy to see where this train of thought comes from. I know people who learned how to edit video on Final Cut, and, by their next video editing class, the school had switched to Premiere. I’m no expert, but I think it’s safe to assume that other technologies in fields like graphic design and web design are changing, and will continue changing, as well. So, many of the technical skills that are taught may not apply for very long.

Someone brought up a counterargument that resonated with me. The technical skills aren’t what matters. The meat of what we are learning is how to think. And, while that could change with time too, I still think a lot of what we learn will continue to be valuable. Knowing how to interview, write, and think critically are skills that will continue to be sought by employers. And, if my generation has proven one thing, we can adapt to changing technology.


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