Clinton’s social media campaign

I think we all expected social media to play a big role in the next presidential election. Barack Obama used social media all the time in his successful campaigns, and it just makes sense that such a popular medium would be used.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, and we got a first look at her social media campaign. A youtube video was posted and garnered over two million views. She also tweeted the announcement to her follower base that is larger than any republican candidate, according to cnet.

The video showed various people “getting ready” for a number of things: a baby being born, planting tomatoes and getting a job. Clinton appears at the end to say that she is getting ready as well, but she is getting ready to run for president. What stuck out to me from the video was the strong presence of homosexual couples. One was two men who were getting ready to get married, and there was also what appeared to be a lesbian couple smiling and touching foreheads.

I think social media campaigns allow for these depictions to become normalized slowly because the audience for a youtube video is probably younger than that for a television advertisement. I don’t think the first television advertisement of her campaign would show the same things, but soon we will be there.


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