Blendle would have been a good idea when newspapers first went online

The Dutch news site Blendle is what some are calling the itunes of journalism. It brings articles from major Dutch news outlets and charges money for articles. This is similar to how itunes charges the listener per download.

In a promotional video the founder of Blendle said it doesn’t make sense to him that people get access to good journalism online for free. I agree, it doesn’t make sense that quality journalism is available for free when for years you had to pay for a newspaper. But, newspapers have all ready made the mistake of putting content online for free. It has become a norm. With how widely available news is these days, I personally can’t see myself paying on a per-story basis when I can find out what I want for free and relatively easily.

The one part of Blendle that gave me hope for its success is that it gives users the option for a certain number of redunds if they don’t like an article they read. This refund feature is limited, but it makes sense that people spend more because of it. If you give me the option to get the money back if I didn’t like the article, i would be much more likely to pay. But even still, if I can get news for free and easily, I find it hard to imagine paying for news. It’s tough for media outlets that are struggling to bring in revenue, but it’s their mistake that is hurting them.


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