I hope our screens get better

We watched a video  for class this week from technology company Corning. It portrayed a future world where glass screen were everywhere in our lives. It seemed pretty awesome, aside from the constant looking at screen you would have to do all day.

I don’t often have issues with looking at screen, but sometimes after being on my computer non-stop for most of a day I start to get pretty irritated. And i know other people who have this issue as well.

Apparently sensitivity to screens has been around since computers first came along. According to the Washington Post, it could be because people tend to blink less while looking at LED screens. Also, when looking at our phones we hold them closer to our eyes, and this puts more stress on our visual system.

I don’t know if we can adapt to looking at screens so much, but if we don’t, I think Corning’s world could just be downright painful. In the video, even windows change shade and can become monitors. I hope the glowing surfaces portrayed end up more like that of a Kindle. I like to blink.


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