Turns out I don’t really care anymore, and neither do a lot of people

I wrote a blog post earlier this year about how Brian Williams had been suspended from the NBC Nightly News for six months after fabricating stories about various reporting assignments. Well, we aren’t at the six month mark yet, but a final decision on if he actually will return could be looming.

According to the Washington Post, Williams’ replacement hasn’t been doing much different from Williams in ratings. The ratings have gone down, but the drop started before Williams left. But why does NBC need to decide before the six months are up? Next month, negotiations with advertisers begin for the price of commercial airtime for networks, and NBC might have a hard time selling slots for its premiere news program if advertisers don’t know who the face of it will be.

For my part, I’ve realized I don’t care. I rarely watch the Nightly News. But when i do, I don’t care who is anchoring as long as they are good. And, according to the ratings, neither do most people.


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